#tbt: Matched!

It took me a year and three rounds of CaRMS, but I did it! Last Wednesday was Match Day and I so excited to have matched to my favourite Family Medicine program!

Over this past year, I have grown a lot and learned a lot about myself. As I mentioned in a previous post, I originally didn’t apply to Family Medicine, and that was one of the aspects that I struggled with most as I decided whether to apply in the second iteration. I am glad I didn’t match to Family last year, as I think it would have felt like a defeat. But over this year, in doing a masters in public health and working with an amazing GP, I have grown to love the field and I am so excited and ready to start my training in it!

And I am thrilled with the program that I matched to! From when I first started researching Family Medicine programs, I knew this one was going to be near the top of my list and it kept climbing as I learned more and went through my interviews. I am looking forward to this new adventure in July: moving to a new province, meeting my new co-residents, and jumping back into clinical medicine full time!

My excitement about my results has grown daily over this past week. But, although I matched incredibly well, when I first saw my results, I wasn’t immediately over the moon. To some extent, I know this about myself: I don’t necessarily jump to huge happy reactions. I get there, but it’s not my first response. I was actually a little sad when I first saw my match. I was sad because all these other amazing options were now closed to me.

I was really excited about the top 15 programs on my list! And realising that I would no longer get to train there… that I wouldn’t get to experience life and residency in Kitchener, or Calgary, or Nanaimo…

Last year was all disappointment. I assumed this year would be all excitement. But the realization that I was now locked in, even locked into my favourite Family program, was unexpectedly bittersweet. I don’t like closing doors – it’s why I can never decide on my dinner order until the waiter is standing in front of me. But I always love what I get.

And I do truly love what I got.


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2 thoughts on “#tbt: Matched!

  1. Reading this made me feel so happy for you! Although i matched this past year, it was not in a specialty I actually thought I would end up in. One month into pgy1 and I’m still not sure, but reading your story gives me hope it will all work out.


  2. Congratulations on being matched! You must be busy now that first year has started, glad I stumbled upon your blog. I myself have been trying for several years but in between these years of applications, there is always something to so that will boost up the application. I look forward to seeing posts about life in residency 🙂


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